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Canadian Whisky Awards 2017 Results

Best Value Canadian Whisky AwardsCanadian Whisky Awards Twelve Barrels

Davin De Kergomeuax----4/5 Stars

Butterscotch, tempered vanilla, brisk balanced spicy peppery, rye spices, hints of orange peels with a pulling pithiness like a grapefruit peel. Warming but not hot.

Jason Hambrey---85/100---Value Score 83/100

The nose is full of youthful, powerful straight rye – brown sugar, icing sugar, geraniums, clove, cinnamon, cedar, spinach, arugula (a touch), banana, and some roasted mixed grain, pine, candied orange peel, and the lightest touch of wheat. With time, slightly earthy notes come – like that of a creek in the woods, alongside corn husks. The palate plays so nicely off the rye – sweet, spicy, and balanced, with the rye coming in at first – sharp, vegetal and floral before fading slowly to orange, pine, and light dried corn husks. Significantly more integrated and together than the first batch – more restrained, and longer lasting. The rye is brilliant at the end, and it is lightly drying- sharp spice and grain come in nicely at the end, with great vegetal and floral notes. Ever so lightly bitter on the end, and some dill. The finish develops, grows in flavour, and dries out as it builds. Brilliant!

This is an exciting addition to moderately priced whisky – one of the lighter and more rye forward Canadian blends in this price range. It is becoming one of my favourite non-premium Canadian sourced blends. Moreish, which is good.

The whisky is similar to before, which I like, but it appears to have grown up a little. It is a bit more calmed down, less hectic, and slightly less fruit forward.

Blair Phillips---89/100

This whisky sticks to its landing without relying on a loud crash. The nose has a classic Canadian blend of caramel, rye spice and spring orchard fruits balanced by a hint of savoury herbs. Mild and velvety on the palate but delicious where the flavours from the nose skate with oak vanilla. A touch of peppery heat cap off a nice glowing pithy finish."

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