Get more out of life with Balanced app

Balanced app

I want to share a great app with you that I enjoy to use every day. It’s the Balanced app for iPhone. 

It will help you to get more out of your life. It’s an easy to use to-do list for creating habits and reaching your goals. It’s kind of your to-do list for your body and soul. It helps you do more positive things and bring more joy and satisfaction into your life. At the same time it helps you figure out what task to do next. 

It keeps you motivated and mindful by using a low-guilt and high positivity approach. The to-do list in the app should be filled with positive activities that you enjoy doing and improve your life. By adding recurring habits and actions to the list you can keep track of the priorities in your life. Feel rewarded, motivated and celebrate your successes by swiping ”Done” on the tasks that improve your life.  

Balanced app features

The app features a helpful list of inspiring activities you can add to your to-do list. Further more the app features helpful ”Do soon” and ”Do now” indicators to help you focus on upcoming activities. The most urgent activity is placed on top of the list. 

Balanced app is very easy to use and gives you friendly feedback and reminders of the activities that are important to you.

The app is free, and the more you use it the more features will become available in the app. But you can purchase an upgrade to access more features right away. The app is only available for the iPhone and you can download it on the iTunes app store.


By using the Balanced app every day you can live a more positive and fulfilled life. I use it every day and find it very useful – I hope you will too. 

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Please share your experiences and thoughts about this app. If you have other approaches for staying on top of your habits and goals please share them in the comments below.

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