Seven easy tips for keeping a tidy home

Many of us struggle to keep a tidy home, even though we hate living in a mess. At the same time, we are probably organized at work, but we can’t manage to maintain a tidy home, the way others appear to do. We seem to spend our lives cleaning up but still struggle to keep a tidy home, as we also try to prioritize the kids and having a successful career. Does this sound familiar to you? Then you might benefit from the following tips for keeping a tidy home.

1. Think of tidying up as an investment in yourself

By keeping an tidy home you take control over your home and also invest in saving time later on. Following these guidelines, you will be more efficient in tidying up, and you will find your stuff faster.

2. Finish what you start

Always complete what you start. If you had dinner, clean the table right away, fill the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and run the dishwasher as soon as it is full. If you leave as much as one dirty cooking pot in the kitchen, mess will begin to pile up around it. Apply this tactic to everything you do in your home.

3. Do it now

If you see something that needs cleaning, like a dusty lampshade, do it right away. If you postpone it, for instance as a weekend task, you probably won’t get around to it.

4. A place for everything

You need to know where to put your things. When you get home, have a place for your keys. Open your mail where you want it to end up, otherwise it will end up on the kitchen table.  If you have things without a “home” – create a place for them. This way you know where to put your stuff – and where to find it again. If your stuff doesn’t have a home, you will just put them somewhere and think “I’ll figure out where to put it tomorrow” (and most often you won’t).

5. Get rid of things

Relieve yourself from things and clothes you won’t use or wear again. Collect stuff you don’t need anymore once a month. Give it to charity, sell it on craigslist or throw it away. This also applies to books, kitchen equipment, shoes and all the stuff in your basement. Follow the mantra: “If in doubt, throw it out”.

6. Be mindful of what you buy

Save money and don’t buy lots of useless stuff that contribute to the mess.

7. Talk to your things

It might sound a bit crazy, but when you walk around in your home talk to the things you meet on your way. For instance, pick up something in the living room and ask “where do you live?”  Your conclusion will either be:

1. “You don’t have a home, so let’s find one for you.”

2. “You don’t have to live here anymore, you’re just filling up space and creating mess.”

3. “Hey, you don’t live here, I’ll follow you home.”

Now, stop reading and start bringing your stuff home.


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